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The Commercial Property Academy 

In uncertain times and challenging markets, it’s more important than ever to get close support from an Expert, learn the key investing strategies that can give you a competitive advantage, and learn how to profit from niches that others just aren’t able to. 

Whilst education provides you with the knowledge of what you need to do, it is execution that actually get results and The Board is where this happens.


The Board is the only full access and behind the scenes support and private consultancy I offer and as such regrettably places are available by application only and restricted to a small group who I can support personally.


Whilst I will very much be personally guiding you through this journey to ensure you achieve the highest return on your investment and time, you will share your journey on The Board with a number of other high performers in a peer group capacity who will collectively support you every step of the way!

  • 6-month private group mentoring programme, with an option to renew

  • Monthly Boardroom in person (with a Zoom option available) at a Cotswolds venue

  • Bi-weekly private 1:1 online mentoring call

  • Access to my blueprint for investing in commercial property

  • Private sourcing, appraisal and acquisition support throughout

  • Guest mentors and specialists

  • Access to my personal advisors

  • Access to my Document Library

  • Networking and masterminding with a small group of like-minded investors on the same journey

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